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Colombia: Finca La Secreta


We're so excited for this: it's our first co-ferment! This Colombian coffee uses anaerobic honey processing. During the anaerobic fermentation phase, lychee fruit, natural fruit concentrates, and selected yeasts are added which helps to guide the naturally present microbes towards a desired flavor profile. Of course we taste lychee, but also melon candies, sweet grapes, and honey.

Finca La Secreta owes its success to the dedication of Juan Carlos Mejia and his family, who work together to nurture over 130,000 coffee trees across their 30-hectare farm. Five of those hectares are a natural reserve, home to various animals and plants and protect wood and water resources.

Origin: Antioquia, Colombia

Elevation: 2050 MASL

Producer:  Juan Carlos Mejia

Varietals: Caturra

Processing: Anaerobic Honey Co-Ferment

Flavor Notes: Lychee, Melon Candy, Clover Honey

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