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Uganda: Gamatui Natural


Uganda has been a quiet coffee producing region in the past - many overlook these coffees because of a reputation for low acidity and flavor. Kawacom, a processing company started in 1999 in Uganda, is looking to change that reputation. Since their beginnings, they have invested in this region, Kapchorwa, home to some of the highest elevation coffee farms in the country. What results is producers devoted to quality with a processing station that matches their enthusiasm.

The attention this coffee received through production and processing reveals itself as a juicy but restrained acidity, with a nice jammy finish that contributes to a coating mouthfeel. It's a versatile coffee, but the complexity shines through as a black cup of drip; like its washed counterpart, this coffee is a great example of what good Ugandan coffee tastes like.

Origin: Kapchorwa, Uganda

Elevation: 1800-2000 MASL

Producer: Gamatui Community - processed by the Sipi Falls Washing Station 

Varietals: SL-34, SL-14, Bourbon 

Processing: Natural

Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Creamsicle, Beach Plum

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