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Brew Guides

Kalita 155 & 185

A classic. The Kalita Wave is a flat-bottom dripper with three triangulated holes in its base. The flat, shallow brew bed makes for less turbulence than cone-shaped brewers and encourages a more even extraction.

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French Press

Consistent & easy. The French Press is very reliable. Brewed since 1929, its design hasn't changed much, and perfect for those looking for a heavy-bodied cup with little fuss.

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Convenience in a machine. All you have to do is measure the coffee and press a button. Your morning just got a whole lot easier.

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Flash Chilled Pour Over

You'll love this technique with all the balance and freshness of a hot pour-over in a refreshing and crisp iced coffee - all in a matter of minutes!

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Cold Brew

Cold brew is a staple of the summertime, and couldn’t be easier to make. With a grinder, a mason jar, a touch of thinking ahead, you can start your day with a refreshing cold brew waiting for you when you wake up!

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