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Colombia: Finca La Reserva


This coffee is a stunning example of the Gesha varietal out of Colombia. Grown at heights of 2000 meters above sea level, this lot showcases the lovely floral notes that this varietal is known for. Careful processing also highlights a fruity brightness that reminds us of sweet pineapple and tropical fruits. 

The bright red cherries were harvested and floated to sort out less dense beans. Afterwards, the cherries were depulped but some of the fruit was left intact. The coffee was then fermented anaerobically in hermetically sealed 200-liter tanks for 96 hours. Following, the coffee was fully sun dried.

Origin: Antioquia, Colombia

Elevation: 1900-2000 MASL

Producer: Juan Felipe 

Varietals: Gesha

Processing: 96 hour Anaerobic Honey 

Flavor Notes: Orange Blossom, Earl Grey, Pineapple

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