1. Determine the desired amount of coffee you would like to brew, and pour filtered water up to the designated level in the water reservoir (.6 / .8 / 1.0 / 1.3) of your Bonavita coffee maker. For this example, we’ll brew a 1-liter batch. (Hint: It’s always more accurate to weigh out the water for your brew to maintain a consistently precise recipe). In order to arrive at our coffee amount, we’ll use a 16 to 1 ratio of water to coffee. 1L of water equals 1000 grams so we divide 1000 by 16 to arrive at about 62 grams of coffee.

  2. Use your scale to weigh out this amount of coffee beans.

  3. Next, using your grinder, select a medium to medium-coarse grind setting* and grind all of the coffee you have weighed out. The coffee should be slightly larger than sea salt when ground.

  4. Remove the brew basket from the brewer and place one flat bottom paper filter into the basket.

  5. Fill the basket filter with your freshly ground coffee and give it a few shakes to ensure a nice evenly distributed and flattened bed of coffee. Make sure to remove the lid from the carafe and place the basket on top of the carafe, situated appropriately under the brewing spray head of the brewer.

  6. The Bonavita series of auto-drip brewers come with a pre-wet feature that will spray a bit of water to saturate the grounds and allow the coffee to off-gas, then settle for a short period of time before resuming the brew cycle. We recommend using this feature as this “bloom” will promote a more even extraction of your coffee. Simply press and hold the brew button for about 5 seconds until you see the light on the button blink. The pre-wet feature will remain on as long as the brewer is plugged in. Now, with the pre-wet feature turned on, we are ready to brew.

  7. Simply press the brew button and allow the machine to brew the coffee. When the brewing cycle is done the machine will automatically turn off.

  8. Remove the carafe and the basket and empty your spent filter and coffee grounds.

  9. Attach the lid back on to the thermal carafe, pour, and ENJOY!

*Since the brew time is somewhat dependent on the batch size being brewed, for larger batches using more coffee, grind a little coarser. Alternatively, when brewing smaller batches using less coffee, grind a little finer. This approach will help balance the extraction of coffee solubles for the given duration of the brew cycle.

Tips & Troubleshooting

If you taste your coffee and want to make an improvement to your next batch, our recommendation is to make an adjustment to the grind setting before altering your ratio of coffee and water.

When you think you’ve arrived at the optimal grind for your coffee and recipe, you can then make an adjustment to your coffee to water ratio according to preference. The nifty thing about this brewer is that the brew basket sits on top of the carafe and isn’t locked into a fixed position below the shower screen. This means that you can gently rotate the carafe (and hence the brew basket with grounds) during the pre-wet for even saturation, and towards the end of the brew cycle when the brew basket is full of hot slurry to replicate a gentle Rao-spin ensuring a more even extraction.

  • My coffee tastes bitter – grind coarser and/or use slightly cooler water.
  • My coffee is thin and flat – use a slightly lower ratio of water to coffee (ie 15.5:1)
  • My coffee is sour – grind finer and/or use slightly hotter water.

    Download a PDF of our guide here.