What you’ll need

  • Fresh-roasted coffee
  • Filtered water, room temperature
  • Glass canning jar (or other non-reactive brewing container)
  • Spoon
  • Grinder – Baratza Encore ($139)
  • French Press – Mueller French Filters – French press, pourover cone with a paper filter, or anything else with a medium-fine mesh


  1. Use your scale to weigh out 1000g of filtered water and 100 grams of whole bean coffee ground medium-coarse. The coffee should be roughly the size of fine gravel.

  2. Place ground coffee into the canning jar. Pour 300g of filtered water over the grounds and gently stir to fully saturate the coffee.

  3. Once there are no dry grounds remaining, pour in the remaining 700g of water and seal the jar. Let sit at room temperature for 16 hours.

  4. After the 16 hours have elapsed, pour the slurry through your filter into a clean decanter.

  5. Serve over ice, and ENJOY!

Tips & Troubleshooting

You can scale this recipe however large or small you’d like, as long as you keep the same ratio of coffee to water. Like any brewing method, flavor is based on how much coffee you’re using and how you grind it. If it tastes off, experiment with changing the grind size first. If you’re still stumped, make small adjustments to your dose.

The flavor of your cold brew coffee will keep longer if you keep it refrigerated in a sealed container (like a mason jar with a lid). Check out the following suggestions to improve your extraction:

  • My coffee tastes bitter – grind coarser.
  • My coffee is sour – grind finer.
  • My coffee is thin and flat – use a slightly lower ratio of water to coffee (ie 9.5:1).
  • My coffee is intense and drying – use a slightly higher ratio of water to coffee (ie 10.5:1).

    Download a PDF of our guide here.