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Ethiopia: Wate Gogugu Washed


Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Elevation: 2000-2280 MASL

Producer: Kadir Jabril

Varietals: JARC selections, Indigenous Landraces

Processing: Washed

Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Wildflower Honey, Meyer Lemon

If you keep up with reading our coffee descriptions, you'll recognize the Jabril name from our Yabitu Koba 2020 offering. The Jabril brothers have been extremely productive in Uranga, Ethiopia, where they have helped to realize the quality potential of the region's coffee. Wate Gogugu is the project of Kadir Jabril, the youngest of the three brothers. The farms that he collects cherry from are exclusively from kebeles directly around the Wate Gogugu Station and all are from very young groves of trees, only 5-10 years old. Thanks to his focus and careful practices that seem to come with the Jabril name, these young trees are responsible for some unbelievably beautiful coffees. 

Consider this offering a business card, of sorts, for Kadir Jabril - his mastery of familiar Ethiopian processing methods lead to a cup full of rich berries, layered florals, and sweet, juicy citrus.

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