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Kenya: Kamavindi AB


Kamavindi Coffee was founded in 1958 by John Njiru Mbature, housing 100 trees on 20 acres. The farm was passed on to his son, Martin Ireri Mbature, who worked as a manager of a local processing station, and he utilized those skills to open a station at Kamavindi. After health issues, Martin passed the management of the farm to his son, John (Peter) Njiru Mbature, who is a Q grader, and our connection at Kamavindi. He now oversees the harvest and processing from 10,000 trees, most of which is the SL28 variety.

After the coffee is picked, sorted, and floating work has been completed, the coffee is pulped and prepared for the 18-20 hour, dry fermentation.  It undergoes a washing process that uses minimal water that is repeated until the water runoff comes out clean. The coffee then is held for another 24 to 26 hours in the fermentation tanks before final washing and grading. After grading, it is dried to a moisture content of 16%.

Origin: Embu, Kenya

Elevation: 1,600-1,680 MASL

Producer: Mbature Family

Varietals: 80% SL28 / 20% Ruiru 11

Processing: Washed

Flavor Notes: Limeade, Papaya, Craisin

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