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El Salvador: Finca Buenos Aires


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Origin: Chalchuapa, El Salvador

Elevation: 1200-1700 MASL

Producer: Florence Hill de Mathies

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Flavor Notes: Cherry, Nougat, Milk Chocolate

Our first coffee from El Salvador is back for another year! It was produced by Florence Hill de Mathies, working closely with Aida Batlle, one of the foremost names in coffee production, meticulously cared for and  tasty! Look for sweet cherry, syrupy mouth feel, nougat and milk chocolate sweetness. As the days turn colder this is a great coffee lovers coffee.

If you are aware of any specific coffee producer in the world, you are likely to have heard of Aida Batlle.  Aida has been no less than one of the absolute leaders responsible for the worldwide push toward higher quality coffees over the last two decades.  As a young woman just beginning her new career in coffee on the family farm in Santa Ana, El Salvador back in 2001, she applied African processing techniques and organic farming practices to produce uniquely stunning coffees of record breaking renown. But she did not stop there.  She helped bridge the divide between coffee producers and consumers worldwide by connecting directly with roasters and urging a focus on the type of development that would highlight the sweetness and complexity in each lot she produced.  

This particular selection, composed of 100% Red Bourbon variety, is a great showing of how much clean, strict production and processing standards can have on the finished cup. On paper, it looks identical to most coffees coming out of this part of the world; it is washed, depulped, fermented for 12 hours, and dried on raised beds. In the cup, however, it shines with amazing clarity of stone fruit and citrus acidity, a pleasantly coating mouthfeel and finishing with a sugary sweetness. This coffee is a beautiful testament to good practices, and a wonderful cup that you’ll be lucky to savor.

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