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Ecuador: Hacienda La Papaya


Please note: This is a very limited run of this coffee! We will be roasting orders for this coffee on Thursday, 10/26/2023. Any order containing this coffee will be shipped on Friday, 10/27/2023.

This exceptional lot originates from the renowned Hacienda La Papaya in Loja, Ecuador.  The owner and leader of coffee production at this acclaimed farm is Juan Peña, creating some of the most outstanding and sought after coffees in the world.  This Washed Anaerobic process Typica variety is no exception!  It’s an absolutely astonishing coffee, the culmination of years of plant development and refined scientific practices during production, all with the goal of delivering the highest possible quality.  

Juan’s intensive preparation has led to an astounding coffee in the cup!  We experience an absolute bounty of complex fruit.  Specifically, juicy mango and boysenberry jam jump out followed by rich chocolate fudge.  As the coffee cools and opens up a bit, look for sweet citrus and stone fruit layers in this as well! 

Origin: Loja, Ecuador

Elevation: 2000 MASL

Producer: Cafexporto, Juan Peña

Varietals: Typica

Processing: Washed Anaerobic

Flavor Notes: Mango, Rich Fudge, Boysenberry Jam

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