Savenor’s Butcher and Market

Savenor’s has been the Boston area’s choice butcher shop to chefs and home cooks for the past 75 years. They operate a nose to tail whole animal butchery offering the highest quality meats with the highest standards of traceability.  We are proud to be sharing the same building with them!

Mapleline Farm

Mapleline, based in Hadley, MA has been family owned and operated since 1904.  They pasteurize and bottle the milk from their two hundred Jersey Cows right on the farm, ensuring it’s the freshest available. Mapleline milk is exceptionally creamy and pairs better with our drinks than any other milk we could find.  The cows, of course, are not treated with synthetic growth hormones, and are fed a diet that is mostly home grown on the pastures surrounding the farm.

Produce & specialty items
Specialty Foods Boston

Specialty Foods focuses on selling the best tasting, freshest food. They often work with small growers and local farms to get chefs the best produce when it’s at its best.

Song Tea and Ceramics

This small San Francisco based company works directly with tea farmers in China and Taiwan to curate traditional, rare, and experimental teas of the finest quality.  We feel lucky to be working with Song and feel philosophically aligned with that their focus on quality and traceability.

Chai spice blend
Curio Spice Co.

Based in Cambridge, Curio offers a large range of quality spices sourced directly from farmers and traders, who are use organic and fair trade agricultural practices. They grind their spices on premise, ensuring freshness and quality.  Curio Spice is woman-owned, and a Public Benefit Corporation.

Herbal Teas
MEM Tea Imports

Founded in 1999, MEM specializes in sourcing, blending, and distributing high quality loose teas out of their Watertown wearhouse.  Some of their herbal teas are grown by the founder of MEM at his farm in Maine.

Gluten free flours

By far and away the best gluten free flour we have come across!  This was developed in the kitchen of the celebrated French Laundry and helps us meet the dietary restrictions of all customers while maintaining our standards of taste and texture.

King Arthur Flour

This employee owned B-Corp has been milling the finest traditional and specialty flours for over 200 years.  King Arthur Flour was founded in Boston in 1790 and now operates out of Norwich, Vermont.

Al Kanater

Our favorite tahini (sesame seed paste).  It is remarkable smooth and creamy in texture and flavor.

Taylor Egg

Affiliated with Siegell Egg Co., Taylor Egg supplies us with fresh cage free and organic eggs for all our baking and breakfast needs.

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