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Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Elevation: 2000-2300 MASL
Producer: Israel Degafa
Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing: Low Oxygen Natural
Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Laffy Taffy, Lemongrass

When a coffee’s name is preceded by “super”, there is a high bar set for its quality. This offering clears the bar by a mile with intense fruit, candy sweetness, lactic funk, herbal complexity, and just about any other fun descriptors you could come up with for it. We scrambled to get this coffee into our offers, as it exemplifies perfectly what makes us excited in a coffee.

It follows fairly standard Ethiopian processing protocols – it is first sorted for under-ripe, over-ripe, or otherwise low quality fruit, before undergoing a low oxygen fermentation (producing similar flavors to an anaerobic process), and then it is dried on raised beds. We’ve only got a few bags of this coffee in the house, so grab it while you can!

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3.75 in
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5lb Bulk Bag, 12oz Retail Bag