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Origin: Ngozi, Burundi

MASL: 1700-1900 MASL

Washing Station: Rugori

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Flavor Notes: Black Tea, Green Grape, Nougat

When we put Rugori on the cupping table, it shared the stage with a few other great Burundian coffees, and it nevertheless stood out. The clean flavors of () are no doubt attributed to the impressive amount of quality assurance and countless set of hands that worked to push the coffee’s potential.

At Rugori, the fruit undergoes a “float test” to sort for ripeness before it is passed through a de-pulper fitted with a density sorter. Fermentation then occurs underwater for 10-12 hours, and is monitored by agronomists so it can be stopped at the ideal moment. Once processed, the coffee is sent through seven density grading canals, further selecting for clarity. Finally, in one final effort for excellence at Rugori, the coffee is hand sorted while it dries on raised beds before it is shipped to Budeca, Burundi’s largest drying mill, where it is sorted by hand yet again. Finally, it is shipped to the waiting customer, where the clear fruited and tannic flavors from its meticulous processing can shine on the cupping table.

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