Regalo De Dios Yellow Catuai Natural

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Origin: Nueva Segovia

Elevation: 1,350-1800 MASL
Producer: Luis Alberto
Varietals: Yellow Catuai
Processing: Natural
Flavor Notes: Apricot, Mango, Nougat

Luis Alberto has a storied career in coffee, producing multiple high placing Cup of Excellence coffees – 3rd and 13th in 2017, 1st and 5th in 2018, 1st in 2020, and 6th this year. The biodiversity, 1.5 meters of annual rainfall, and ideal temperatures all vastly improve the quality of his coffees; but his scientific processing methods and care in fermentation and harvesting result in this award winning product.

This lot is made up exclusively of Yellow Catuai from Finca Regalo de Dios. Fermentation on this naturally processed coffee is carefully monitored, drying for 25-30 days. This produces rich jammy flavors that shine cleanly through the Latin American profiles you may be familiar with. 

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