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Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

MASL: 2000-2200

Union/Wash Station: SNAP

Processing: Washed. Fermented for 48-72 hours; dried on raised beds for 12 hours.

Flavor Notes: Sweet Hibiscus Tea, Basil

Grown on semi-forested land, the farmers from Raro export their coffees with SNAP, an exporter run by a coffee-passionate entrepreneur, Negusse.  SNAP is dedicated to sustainable practices, including investing in waste recycling at its wash stations to educating the farmers they work with on processing and cleaning methods.  Negusse is one of the rare exporters who has taken advantage of the relaxation of the ECX rules and is exporting small farmer lots directly, bypassing the commodity exchange.

Raro brews up as a balanced cup, fuller bodied than one might expect for a washed Ethiopian coffee. Floral and juicy notes of sweet hibiscus tea are balanced by the herby basil finish. Best on its own, try it as batch brew for a great start to your morning!

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3.75 in
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