Raro Tikusi Natural

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Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Elevation: 1,900 – 2,280 MASL
Producer: Negusse Debela
Varietals: JARC Selections, Indigenous Landraces
Processing: Tikusi Natural
Flavor Notes: Rainier Cherry, Prune, Honeysuckle

Negusse Debela started SNAP coffee with the intention of producing and exporting the highest-end Ethiopian coffees possible. They search for exceptional plots for growing coffee and invest in processing improvements at the mills they operate. He has held many spots on our offer sheets through the years, and the consistency of his lots year to year never fails to impress.

This coffee is a Tikusi Natural, which adds an additional step to the normal natural process we’ve seen from Raro Boda in years past. While the fruit is still on the seed, the coffee is sandwiched between two sheets of black plastic to increase the temperature of fermentation, bringing out additional sweet fruit notes. 

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