Raro Boda Natural


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Origin: Sidamo, Ethiopia

MASL: 1900-2280 MASL

Producer: Negusse Debela

Varietals: JARC (Jimma Agricultural Research Center) Selections, Indigenous Landraces

Processing: Natural

Flavor Notes: Cherry, Blueberry, Toffee

Negusse Debela was known for his computer parts importing before having an outstanding pourover in Minnesota, driving him to invest his time and resources into specialty coffee back in Ethiopia. He started SNAP coffee with the goal of providing the highest end specialty coffee he could for export. They focus on investment in warehousing and processing facilities, and search for exceptional land plots for growing coffee. He and his quality/coffee manager, Abenezer Asafaw, acquired this plot and the dry mill just this past year, making this coffee one of his first from this farm.

Given the quality of the coffee we received, it’s clear their efforts in controlling as many steps of production as possible is making an impact on the final cup. We’re excited to see where Negusse and SNAP go in the future.

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