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Qonqona Natural – Ethiopia


Bursting with Ripe Berries and Dark Cherry Cordials
12oz Whole Bean

Qonqona (pronounced “khon-khon-a”) is special, something you’ll realize immediately upon grinding. This will be an eye opener to anyone who thinks that all coffees taste the same, or doesn’t believe that coffee can actually taste like fruit, let alone berries!

Qonqona is a natural processed coffee, meaning that after picking the fruit has been allowed to dry on the seed, imparting the coffee with both additional sweetness and fruited notes. But the care with which this coffee was picked and processed sets it apart from other natural coffees, earning the designation “special prep”. Pickers were paid to pick the ripest cherries, and then – unlike most naturals – the whole fresh cherries were soaked in washing tanks for several hours to skim and remove “floaters”, low density and defective beans. Then the cherries were sun dried on raised beds, and sorted by hand. When dry, the coffee was processed using state of the art equipment, including density, optical and laser sorters. The resultant coffee is incredibly sweet, fruit-forward and transparent.

We are doubly excited to share this coffee as it comes to us via Emily and Michael McIntyre, the amazing family behind Catalyst Coffee Consulting. Catalyst does on-the-ground work only in Ethiopia and is committed to helping coffee producing communities improve not only the quality of their coffee, but their lives as well. Aaron was introduced to Emily and Michael by David Wilson, a Q-Grader friend working at De La Gente in Guatemala, and felt an immediate kinship to them when they met for the first time this past April at SCA in Seattle. We’re really proud to be representing their work here in Cambridge, MA!

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 3.75 in

Country: Ethiopia
District/Zone: Bensa, Sidama
Mill: Qonqona
Varietals: Primarily Mikicho (Gesha-like) & Setami, with other indigenous heirloom coffees
Altitude: 1700-2100 meters above sea level
Processing Method: Special preparation natural, sun dried on raised beds


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12oz Whole Bean

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