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Patricia Perez – Guatemala


Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Nougat, Peach & Milk Chocolate
12oz Whole Bean

Patricia Perez’s all Bourbon variety separation comes to us from Onyx Coffee Importers. Both “Paty” and “Onyx” are well beloved in the upper echelons of the specialty coffee world for the outstanding quality and consistency of their work, as well as their kind hearts and thoughtfulness. Patricia is a single mother, working with her mother, and the quality of her coffee is truly fantastic. We were highly impressed with the the meticulousness with which the coffee had been produced and sorted: it is ultra fresh, uniform (amazing screen size sort), and beautiful to behold.

This is a delicious coffee that we think everyone will love. It is a classic “morning cup”, with the wonderful caramels and chocolates that we associate with many Central American and Bourbon variety coffees. Yet it also has a very delicate peach-like note that runs through the coffee, lending structure to the sweetness and richness of the cup. And the meticulous preparation and long soak in the fermentation tank allow these flavors to shine through in hi-resolution. We are running this as our house espresso as it is so sweet and balanced, as well as putting it on drip as it is such an all-around winner.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 3.75 in

Country: Guatemala
Region: Agua Dulce, Huehuetenango
Farmer/producer: Patricia Perez on El Diamante, her 5 hectare farm
Varietals: Bourbon
Altitude: 1950 meters above sea level (the uppermost portion of El Diamante)
Processing Method: Washed; soaked for almost 40 hours after de-pulping, re-washed and fermented for another 12 hours; sun dried on raised beds


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12oz Whole Bean

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