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Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Elevation:  1,800-1,970 MASL
Producer: Negusse Debela, Refisa, Roricho, Bulga, and Solena communities
Varietals: 1974-1975 JARC Selections & Local Landraces
Processing: Natural
Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Cherry Pie, Dark Chocolate

This coffee comes from the region of West Arsi, which was previously grouped into the Sidama region. But with a large number of award winning coffees coming from this particular area, communities in West Arsi are pushing for local recognition.

Negusse Debela started SNAP coffee with the intention of producing and exporting the highest-end Ethiopian coffees possible. They search for exceptional plots for growing coffee and invest in processing improvements at the mills they operate. He and his quality/coffee manager, Abenezer Asafaw, acquired this plot and the dry mill just a couple of years ago.  Given the quality of the coffee we received for two years running, it’s clear their efforts in controlling as many steps of production as possible is making an impact on the final cup!  We’re excited to see where Negusse and SNAP go in the future.

For this lot, cherries were laid out on raised beds for 15-21 days and were turned regularly to ensure even drying. This style of natural coffee has become a staple in our offerings – you’ll find the fruit-forward profile expected in a natural Ethiopian, but with such care in processing, you’ll also get an impressive amount of nuance and clarity.

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