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Origin: Papua New Guinea

MASL: 1700-1900 

Farm/union: Colbran CoffeeLands and 200 farmers around Norikori village.

Varietals: Arusha, Typica, Bourbon, Mondonovo

Processing: Washed; 36 hours of fermentation, dried on raised beds.

Flavor Notes: Vanilla, Star Fruit, Black Tea

The Colbran family first bought land in Papua New Guinea’s East Highlands in 1965, establishing a coffee farm that they then sold in 1979. In 1997, Nichol Colbran repurchased the estate and rebuilt the farm.  He expanded beyond the farm to establish a dry mill, a cupping lab, and an export business on the property that serves many coffee growers in Papua New Guinea. In their cupping lab, the Colbran CoffeeLands team tastes through every small lot they process, often sorted by individual farmer. Their focus is showcasing  the quality of Papua New Guinea coffee! This is our first coffee from PNG and we love the subtle tropical flavors mellowed out with vanilla and black tea notes. Best enjoyed on its own, not milk needed.

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