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Origin: Nyamasheke, Rwanda

Elevation: 1800-2100 MASL

Producer: Various
Varietals: Bourbon
Processing: Washed

Flavor Notes: Red Currant, Caramel, Plum

The Rwandan coffee industry has received a significant amount of support and financial aid after the genocide in 1994. For many producers, this has provided the means to break into the specialty market, fetching higher prices for their coffees.  The Kanzu washing station is located in the Nyamasheke district of Rwanda’s Western Province. They have invested in organization and management, making this facility a shining example of good processing practices. 

This coffee spent 16-18 hours fermenting before being cleaned and dried. The plot this year was dried under experimental parabolic tents, which allows for effective drying for a higher volume of coffee. From our perspective, this experimentation is a huge success, lending to the high quality, fruit forward profile we get in the cup.

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