Jhon Wilson Poveda - Colombia


Jhon Wilson Poveda – Colombia


Origin: Acevedo, Huila, Colombia

MASL: 1700

Farm/union: Finca Danny

Varietals: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Processing: Washed; 52 hours of dry fermentation. Dried on raised beds in semi-shade for 15-20 days.

Flavor Notes: Floral, Honey, Clementine


As a third generation coffee farmer, Jhon Wilson Poveda (JWP) inherited Finca Danny in 1998. This particular farm has been in his family for 70 years! He was hesitant to enter the CCS Acevedo cup at first, thinking he needed to improve his fermentation and drying facilities. When he did finally enter in 2016, his lot won 10th place. He used the extra premiums from selling that lot to improve his facilities and in 2018 picked up 6th and 7th place!

This is our third season buying from Jhon Wilson and as usual, he doesn’t disappoint. This top ranking competition lot has honey like sweetness finished with fresh clementine, a satisfying cup either on its own or with milk.

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A stunner from Huila, Colombia.  This is the second year in a row that we’ve featured coffee produced by Jhon Wilson Poveda – and this year is a dramatic improvement on what was already a very good coffee.  JWP’s Finca Danny microlot placed 6th in Collaborative Coffee’s Acevedo Cup and it is sparkling and stellar.  Highly floral, crisp and balanced, we think it’ll suit all palates.  Exceptionally drinkable with notes of honey and white grape juice with a caramel finish.

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12oz Whole Bean


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