Hacienda Tobosi Anaerobic Gesha

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Origin: Cartago, Costa Rica

Elevation: 1450 MASL

Producer: Hacienda Tobosi
Varietals: Gesha
Processing: Anaerobic

Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Rose Jelly, Clover Honey

This lot from Cartago exemplifies the region it is from – it is a product of extreme care and extensive experience. Hacienda Tobosi has utilized these practices and quality-focused values in their 11 years of operation. This care has led to them placing 1st in Costa Rica’s cup of excellence in 2017, and 2nd in 2018.

The lot is made up exclusively of Gesha coffee, giving it a flavorful, sparkly character; on top of that, it is anaerobically fermented to give the cup wilder, more singular flavors that are still novel to most of the coffee world. Expect florals, bright juicy fruits, and a sweet, syrupy mouthfeel.

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