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Origin: Huila, Colombia
Elevation: 1800 MASL
Producer: Deiro Garcia
Varietals: Ethiopian Landrace
Processing: 2-Phase Anaerobic/Washed
Flavor Notes: Honey, Lime, Apricot

Besides having a great name, this coffee truly sparkles. Deiro Garcia seemingly took every standard procedure for coffee production and flipped it on its head, experimenting wherever he could in the pursuit of excellence. 

Deiro’s farm consists of 8 hectares, a majority of which are planted with Ethiopian Landrace varietals, setting him apart from most other Colombian producers.  When picking the fruit from this lot, Deiro filled a drum with fruit and left it to ferment. The next day, he repeated the process, filling a second drum with cherries again. After letting the first drum ferment for 48 hours, and the second drum for 24 hours, both lots are depulped and left to dry for another 48 hours. During this second phase, microorganisms that occur naturally in coffee would normally be responsible for the fermentation, but Deiro also introduces a host of microorganisms from a soursop of oranges and bananas that they cultivate in their lab at the farm, in order to boost complexity from fermentation. 

We are thrilled to be offering such a fascinating coffee from such an intelligent and creative producer. This amount of experimentation is not terribly common, and we think the resulting product is a shining example of the potential of risk taking in coffee production.

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