Finca El Vergel – Gesha

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Origin: Huila, Colombia

Elevation: 1920 MASL

Producer: Robinson Rozo
Varietals: Gesha
Processing: Washed

Flavor Notes: Orange, Vanilla, Honeysuckle

This high elevation farm, run by Robinson Rozo, sits at 1,920 meters above sea level in Huila, Colombia. Of the 41,500 coffee trees on the farm, 6,000 of them are Gesha varietal, renowned for its intense floral aroma and a complex depth of flavor. Rozo has an extensive wet-mill and sufficient space to dry both washed coffees and naturals, something quite rare for producers in Colombia. Before planting his own trees, Rozo learned how to cup coffee at one of Colombia’s local trade schools, El Sena, leading to his extensive experience in the specialty industry.

When producing his washed versions of Gesha, he uses two days of picking for each lot, with one part fermented 36 hours in cherry and the other lot fermented for 12. Both lots are then sorted for defects before being blended together, then de-pulped and bagged for another 26 hours of anaerobic fermentation. Upon washing the coffee, it is dried, which can range anywhere from 20-25 days, depending on the climate. This willingness to experiment (and the success of those experiments) makes us eager to see what Robinson Rozo puts out in seasons to come!

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