Finca Buenos Aires

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Origin: Chalchuapa, El Salvador

1200-1700 MASL
Producer: Florence Hill de Mathies
Varietals: Red Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Flavor Notes: Mandarin, Cherry, Panela Sugar

Florence Hill de Mathies is the third generation producing coffee at Finca Buenos Aires. Her focus on quality and the care she takes in every step of production has earned her the attention of Aida Batlle, on of the foremost names in South and Central American coffee. Batlle works with producers to ensure high production standards, immensely improving the quality of coffees at these farms. At the end of the harvest season, Batlle and Mathies cupped the coffees produced, and picked the top scoring iterations to be chosen as Aida Batlle Selections, signifying a coffee that meets both’s high standards of quality.

This particular selection is a great showing of how much clean, strict production and processing standards can have on the finished cup. On paper, it looks identical to most coffees coming out of this part of the world; it is washed, depulped, fermented for 12 hours, and dried on raised beds. In the cup, however, it shines with amazing clarity of stonefruit and citrus acidity, with a pleasantly coating mouthfeel and a sugary sweetness. This coffee is a beautiful testament to good practices, and a wonderful cup to savor.

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