Fazenda Bananal – Burundi Washed Process

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Origin: Sorocabana, Brazil

Elevation: 1050 MASL

Producer: Carolina Tiney Attalla
Varietals: Red Icatu, Obatã, UVA (IAC 125), Catuai

Processing: Washed

Flavor Notes: Baked Apple, Toffee, Burnt Orange

Our first ever Brazilian coffee comes from Carolina Tiney Attalla, a fourth generation producer. She along with the coffee superstar Aida Batlle, worked together on this unusual lot that underwent a processing method Batlle calls the “Burundi Process”; it is fermented dry for 24 hours, and washed twice at 12 hour increments. After this first phase, it is then returned to a tank full of refreshed water to ferment another 24 hours before being dried on raised beds. 

Brazil’s history with coffee has been defined by commodity coffee, with little attention paid to careful processing practices. With Aida Batlle’s expertise behind a conscientious producer, the room to grow out of this history is evident – and this quality of this coffee proves it. 

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