Elida Estate Catuai Natural

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Origin: Boquete, Panama

Elevation: 1670-1950 MASL

Producer: Lamastus Family
Varietals: Catuai
Processing: Natural
Flavor Notes: Raspberry, Rose Jelly, Rum Raisin

The Lamastus family is quite possibly the most well known name in coffee. They run a legendary farm in Panama where they grow and process strikingly good coffee, and hold the world record for highest scoring lot ever produced. This offering comes from one of their four estates, Elida Estate, which sits at a high elevation, and is surrounded by a private, virgin forest reserve. 

There are many practices in place by the Lamastus Family that could be attributed to their excellent quality – in their own words: “[It] is produced under a unique world-condition for several reasons: first the farm is located at a very high elevation, it is grown in rich young volcanic soils, the temperatures are low, there is lots of fog and mist during the dry season, the coffee trees are surrounded by virgin-native cloudy rain forest, the nights get cold here thereby taking a tree from 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 years to start producing  (2 or 3 years longer to produce than average), these low temperatures also extend the ripening time 1 month longer (thereby the development of the bean).”

The cup is rich and elegant, with complex rum-like sweetness intertwined with the red fruit of a cleanly processed natural; it boasts equal parts careful processing and bold experimentation. 

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