El Naranjillo


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Origin: Chiapas, Mexico

Elevation: 1306 MASL

Producer: Sabino Corazon Vasquez
Varietals: Caturra
Processing: Washed
Flavor Notes: Orange Marmalade, Nougat, Cocoa Powder

There haven’t been many Mexican coffees on Broadsheet’s shelves. In the last several years, the pool of lots that have earned a specialty grade score have been relatively low; and of those, not many have stood out on the cupping table. There is a reason for this – Mexico has struggled with coffee rust, a fungus that can be devastating to the production of entire countries. In the last few seasons, however, there has been a remarkable, multifaceted push to eradicate this outbreak and bring Mexico back into the spotlight of specialty coffee. We’re all excited to finally bring this origin back to our shelves with a plot from Chiapas that not only shows the success of the country’s efforts, but stands as an excellent coffee in its own right.

Produced by Sabino Corazon Vasquez, this washed coffee is carefully processed with quality in mind. Vazquez dry ferments the cherries after picking, washes them and lets dry on raised platforms for 3-5 days – all at his own farm. We get a mouthful of orange juice, honey sweetness, and rich dark chocolate. It is a wonderful reminder of Mexican coffee. 

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5lb Bulk Bag, 12oz Retail Bag