Cordillera del Fuego

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Origin: Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Elevation: 1600-1750 MASL

Producer: Luis Eduardo Campos
Varietals: Caturra
Processing: Anaerobic
Flavor Notes: Cinnamon, Caramel, Apple

Cinnamon is a flavor note we tend to avoid when cupping coffees – it is immediately recognizable to most people and an intense flavor. We’ve only encountered it twice on our cupping table. Two years ago, a Dutch Brewer’s Cup competitor brought his coffee in for us to try and blew us away with a profile that tasted exactly like apple pie, cinnamon and all. Last year, we received a sample of a coffee processed the same way, and from the same origin; first and foremost was cinnamon, with the rest of the pie-like flavors following soon after. When such a special coffee comes through our doors, we always search for a way to get it again, and this year, we were lucky enough to score even more of this fun autumnal offering. 

Luis Eduardo Campos is a smart and daring producer, developing intriguing new processing methods, and seeking out quality through unexpected means. This lot is anaerobically processed; after the fruit is removed, the seeds are kept in a stainless steel drum under pressure as oxygen is removed from the environment. This process develops acids that are less common in coffee, which give it its characteristic profile. This is a singular lot from an excellent producer, and one that shows off the wide range of flavors that can be had in a cup of coffee. 

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