Brattle Blend

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Origin: Guji, Ethiopia + Kapchorwa, Uganda

Elevation: 1800-2300 MASL

Producer: Daye Bensa + Gamatui Community
Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom, SL-34, SL-14, Bourbon
Processing: Washed + Anaerobic
Flavor Notes: Sparkling, Deeply Fruited, Swanky

Sometimes, for-fun experiments turn into something that’s too good not to share. We took two notable coffees, blended together a variety of ratios, and tasted them for fun. What resulted was a coffee that was somehow better than either component – a wildly flavorful, layered, and sparkling drink that we knew we had to get onto our shelves. 

This blend is made up of two top shelf components, a washed Ethiopian that brings florals and citrus, and an Anaerobic Natural from Uganda full of candy like sweetness and a winey complexity. You’ll find layers upon layers of complexity, interlaced with a surprising sweetness for a wonderfully special cup of coffee. 

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