Benti Nenka


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Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Elevation: 1925-2110 MASL

Producer: Eyasu Worasa
Varietals: JARC Selections and Indigenous Ethiopian Landraces
Processing: Washed

Flavor Notes: Peach, Honeysuckle, Melon

Eyasu Worasa established the Guduba processing station in Benti Nenka in 2012, and has developed it into a productive and impressive facility. This coffee was processed at Guduba using coffee from 600 farmers in the Guji region. Worasa used the popular wet fermentation method – the coffee is submerged for roughly two days, and the water is changed regularly to maintain a clean, fresh profile in the final cup. It is then dried for up to two weeks on raised beds.

We likely have told you mid to late summer is our favorite time for coffee, and its offerings like this one that prove it. Ethiopia has unparalleled processing practices, and the coffees produced are bright, wonderfully complex, and intriguing. Benti Nenka is merely one example of this excellence, but each coffee is worth sitting down with and really getting to know.

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