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Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

MASL: 1950-2150

Farm/union: Girma Shento, Fikadu Shento, Alemayehu Urdofa, Abiyot Ageze, and Mitekie Kalu Kejela – who work with approximately 900 small-holder coffee farmers.

Varietals: JARC selections (notably 74110 & 74112) & other Indigenous Landraces.

Processing: Natural; Dried for 15-20 days on raised beds, being turned throughout the day.

Flavor Notes: Cherry, Blueberry, Toffee

Brothers Girma and Fikadu Shento are 3rd generation coffee farmers who after many years of working in coffee brought together a group of friends and other producers to invest in and create a natural coffee processing site in the heart of Yirgacheffe. Now working with 900 different producers, they are able to directly export their coffee thanks to changes in Ethiopian trade laws in 2017.

Dense and sweet, this clean naturally processed coffee packs a very berry punch with a sweet, toffee finish. Perfect for anyone who loves natural coffees, but accessible to anyone who loves a fruited cup. Great as filter or espresso, it’s sweet enough on its own to not need milk (though delicious if you do want milk)!

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