Agua Linda: Chiroso Variety

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Origin: Antioquai, Colombia

Elevation: 1,950 MASL

Producer: Agualinda
Varietals: Chiroso
Processing: Washed

Flavor Notes: Rainier Cherry, Apple, Caramel

Pergamino, a coffee exporter that we’ve been impressed by in the past, purchased the 35-acre Agualinda farm and it became a mainstay in their coffee growing in Colombia. They originally grew the Castillo variety on this farm, but more recently have converted the higher elevation sections of the farm to grow a new variety called Chiroso. This new and very exciting variety is an Ethiopian Landrace coffee, with good tolerance for cold weather. This makes it a good candidate for growing at high elevation in Colombia, where the temperatures can drop precipitously at night. Higher grown coffees tend to produce more complex flavors, and the Chiroso variety itself has done very well at Cup of Excellence competitions. We’re excited to be offering a coffee that seems to promises movement towards higher quality coffees out of Colombia, and possibly beyond.

This is a fully washed coffee that fermented for 48 hours. After this two days, it was dried in 104 degree silos for three days. This coffee shows off the characteristics of high quality Colombians: layers of bright fruit and rich sugar browning.

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